Jovix Executive Forum
25 October 2017

2017 Jovix Executive Forum Recap

JEF 2017Every year, Atlas holds the Jovix Executive Forum, a gathering of thought leaders in the industrial construction space. This year, we continued the tradition of sharing industry knowledge, best practices and the Jovix solution strategy at the 5th Annual Jovix Executive Forum hosted at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center in The Woodlands, Texas. The goal during the Jovix Executive Forum is to obtain and discuss feedback regarding industry pain points and methods for addressing identified needs. The 2017 forum focused on data and the transformation it has on the industrial construction space.

We welcomed our first industry keynote speaker, Steffen Fuchs from McKinsey & Company. Steffen leads McKinsey’s global work in capital productivity with a focus on digital and innovation. Fuchs’ presentation “Digital and Innovation in Capital Projects and Infrastructure” focused on three main buckets: trends and opportunities to rethink construction, current activities and priorities in digital solutions, and digital transformation journey for companies. Fuchs also reported on the industry-wide commitments, technology implementations, and the overall transformation of the construction space.

Additionally, Atlas featured two case studies from Fluor and Shell. Brad Duke, Project Information and Technology Management from Fluor, joined us to present a case study, “Enterprise Level Deployment and Integration”. Fluor is currently using Jovix at an enterprise level and through that adoption, Duke has become an expert at bolt-on systems. He detailed what the planning process for implementation looks like, the resources needed, and insights from his experience.

Dan Klick from Shell presented “Efficient Execution Through Materials Management,” a case study that focused on the implementation of Jovix on the Shell Geismar Project. The Tiger AO4 project uses data-driven software to improve construction productivity and execution efficiency, resulting in an overall 30% reduction in time required to perform receiving, picking and issuing of material.

JEF 2017Jovix has made many improvements and updates these past 12 months, and we were glad to share that with the executive forum audience. A monumental update this year was the Oracle P6 integration. Atlas team members, paired with Oracle’s Geoff Roberts, presented the integration details and uses. The linkage to P6 takes the subjectivity out of decisions and provides schedule status with the right level of detail. Many companies agreed that they are currently cobbling this information together via a full-time role. This information will be useful to several roles within a company, including: Project Managers, Field Engineers, Material Management and Workface Planners.

Justin Mills, Atlas RFID’s Director of Construction Solutions, covered the benefits of Supplier Onboarding within a materials management solution. Jovix and Atlas get involved at the supplier level to increase supply chain visibility, improve data quality, and improve material readiness business analytics. The goal here is for quality information centered on construction efficiency and proactivity.

During the forum, Daniel Bennion, VP of Product Management, covered the history and future of Jovix software and hardware. Additionally, he shared the Software Solutions Roadmap for the next twelve months; this roadmap can be found here.

A crowd favorite of the Jovix Executive Forum was the interactive hardware tables; these demonstrations were split into four booths that displayed a hardware timeline, passive vs. active RFID tags, the Jovix HTML5 mobile app, and a drone demonstration.

As we continue the tradition of hosting our annual conference, we appreciate the feedback from our most influential customers and are excited to grow Jovix in a way that will transform the construction industry. We are so thankful for all the attendees and speakers who joined us this year and we look forward to a wonderful event in 2018.

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