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Atlas RFID Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2007 to bridge the gap between the capabilities of auto-ID technology and the commercial needs of efficiency-conscious firms. We develop and implement auto-ID based systems throughout the world, with over 200 deployments spanning more than 10 countries on 3 different continents. The company is comprised of 3 divisions: our Jovix division, our retail store, and our custom development division.  

jovix powered by atlas rfidAuto-ID for Industrial Construction – Jovix

Jovix is our award winning solution designed to support complex multi-site material readiness processes for large, industrial construction projects. The Jovix platform drives value to construction by automating site materials management workflow processes and providing actionable, real-time information about the availability and location of materials, ensuring visibility and traceability through-out the EPC material lifecycle.

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Atlas RFID StoreatlasRFIDstore

Our retail business line, the Atlas RFID Store, exports products to the global market via daily transactions on our RFID focused e-commerce site, atlasRFIDstore.com. The technologies we offer ensure that the complexity of modern supply chains and inventory logistics are simplified and organized. The RFID Systems we sell are developed by the most innovative manufacturers in the world, and our clients have reaped the benefits in terms of organization, internal management and, of course, the bottom line.

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Custom DevelopmentAtlas Custom Auto-ID Solution Development

Our Custom Solutions division develops, integrates, and supports customized solutions for clients throughout the world. We utilize the best RFID, barcode, and GPS technologies and develop custom software to create an integrated solution for our clients based upon their individual needs. We serve our clients as business consultants, hardware engineers, and software developers, and work with them to build a unique solution to their business challenges.


The Right Solution for You

In each of our divisions, our goal is to maximize our clients’ investment by providing the right mix of technologies for your company. Unlike other RFID companies, we’re not tied to any one system. Rather, our job is to help you determine the right solution for your needs, then develop and implement that solution to ensure your success.

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