22 June 2018

The Value of Jovix in Low Labor Rate Markets

With the varying cost of labor throughout the world, many times we hear – It is cheaper to have the onsite team search for materials rather than invest in a new system. Au contraire! Jovix provides so much value beyond reducing skilled labor hours spent looking for materials. Jovix reduces waste related to time waiting...
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13 June 2018

Why We Write Tests First

Test-driven development (TDD) is a major value proposition offered by the Atlas RFID engineering team. It is a practice often sought and rarely implemented in development shops because of the steep learning curve to achieve reasonable proficiency. All of our developers are trained at the beginning of their employment—further reinforced through pair-programming, book clubs, and...
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11 June 2018

Jovix Success Story: Brandon

Here’s Brandon’s success story at an LNG project. Discover how they used Jovix to solve the problem of locating and tracking materials. What was the problem you were trying to solve? Locating and tracking spools in the laydown yard or issued to site. There were plenty of weeks where we had absolutely no idea where...
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