Jovix 2017.11 Release Notes
21 November 2017

Jovix 2017.11 Release Notes


Valuable information in and out of your system of choice

Real-time material location, along with status, lead to that hard-to-reach goal every project drives towards: Construction Progress. In fact, expert analysis and historical data analysis indicate that materials account for 50-60% of project cost, and control as much as 80% of the schedule. There are many steps in this process, which helps explain the complexity and level of impact materials have on every project:


Jovix Supplier Fab Shop Spooler Laydown Workface


At Atlas, we know that each project has their own quiver of tools used to manage all that happens on a project. Many of these systems are proprietary to major players in the industry, while others are more ubiquitous across projects. In a material readiness solution, a system is needed that can communicate to, and receive information from, the applications you use already. The easiest way to enable this communication is through a public API that can be accessed by any third party.


Jovix Third Party Open API


That’s why Atlas is so excited to announce the release of our Open API for Track & Trace and Field Mobility!

Why is this such big news?

With an Open API, Jovix can now communicate, or “bolt on” to any system used on your project – to pass critical information about material location and status to the applications you rely on already. This allows projects to benefit from the critical information about materials in the format and application that best meets its needs. And to one-up this announcement, we’ve also built in a new scheduling entity in Jovix, including connectors to Oracle’s P6 scheduling application – since we know so many projects rely on this critical scheduling information.

Jovix Open API P6 Oracle


There are three primary buckets covered in the initial release, and we’re already expanding on what’s been released. The current API includes Track & Trace, Field Mobility, and Purchase Orders/Work Packages.

The most exciting part is that this API is launched! We have several partners working with and building out to our API already.

Jovix 2017.11 Release Webinar



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