Jovix 2017.12 Release Notes
15 January 2018

Jovix 2017.12 Release Notes

Mobile App – Supplier Staging Barcode Scanning Via Mobile Device Camera

Until now, Jovix mobile app users had to rely on having a separate, costly peripheral device to scan barcodes. Barcodes are an integral piece of Jovix’s overall value as being a convenient, accessible point of reference for Materials, Shipping Units, RFID tags, and Named Locations. Being able to utilize the native mobile shell camera to scan barcodes allows the user to no longer require the additional hardware. This both frees up a hand for the end user and consolidates focus on the app itself – providing a more safe, reliable, and convenient work environment.

Mobile scan via native camera is now available at the following locations within Supplier Staging:

  • Primary/default screen
  • Filter screen and Quick filter
  • Primary workflow – Scan RFID tag
  • Shipping Unit options:
    • Scan RFID tag
    • Search for existing Shipping Unit
Mobile App – Track & Trace – Scan barcode via the mobile device camera

The following features were added to the Track & Trace aspects of the mobile app:

  • Item Lookup
    • Search for Material
    • Find – Scan to verify Found Material which provides a visual indicator to let the user know that they’ve found the correct Material
    • Named Location – Scan Named Location barcode
  • Item Update
    • Named Location Option – Scan Named Location barcode
    • Scan RFID tag
    • Scan first Material
    • Scan next Material
Material Withdrawal Request to Pick List Enhancements

In summary, there are 3 main takeaways to this effort:

  • The application is able to Create Better Pick Lists.
    • How? It now allows for the ability to create targeted pick lists based off knowing the location of materials needed to fulfill the request (i.e. Location Staging)
  • It Organizes Work Resources More Effectively.
    • How? By now allowing for the assignment of Pick Lists to resources based on location
  • The user can now Execute the Tasks More Efficiently.
    • How? By Choosing which pick list items to action based off location AND selecting the right material based off staged location
API Development
  • Several endpoints were added or improved:
  • Catalog Items POST and PATCH
  • Materials GET item, GET list, POST, and PATCH
  • Schedule Activity GET item, GET list, POST, PATCH, and DELETE
  • Material Issue Items POST
  • Shipments / Shipment Items GET item, GET list, POST, PATCH, and DELETE
  • Work Package PATCH
  • Work Package Items POST and PATCH
  • API – GET list of Material barcodes
  • Refactor Purchase Order Delivery Line GET list endpoint to filter for all barcode types
Hardware Updates
  • Completed cold-weather test on active and passive hardware at Northern Canada site
    • Active and Passive Hardware performed well under extended cold temps (-25° C)
    • Hardware performed well below lowest rated MFG temperature (-20° C)
  • iOS Hardware configured and delivered to Development in preparation for iOS development
  • Android compatibility test in progress
    • Testing our Mobile app with various Android devices to learn minimum compatible hardware


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