Jovix 2017.9 Release Notes
27 October 2017

Jovix 2017.9 Release Notes

Jovix Select PODL Samsung AndroidJOVIX TAKES A STEP UP THE SUPPLY CHAIN – Extending Mobile Capabilities to the Supplier

Atlas RFID Solutions is pleased to announce the rollout of Enhanced Supplier Staging functionality (for Suppliers, naturally), and the ability to receive by Purchase Order (PO) / Shipment Release Notice (SRN) / Purchase Order Delivery Line (PODL) at the site.

This is a major boost in functionality from the initial Associate, Find and Update Material functionalities in our mobile app. Due to these enhancements to Supplier Staging and the added functionality of working with POs (in addition to materials), we’ve branched the login experience by user type.

This enhancement is built for both consumer and rugged Android devices drastically reducing the hardware cost for supplier tagging.

Suppliers can now filter for Purchase Order Delivery Lines (PODLs) by:

  • Purchase Order
  • Shipment Release Notice
  • Shipping Unit
  • RFID Tag

Once the filters are in place, the options to take action on the PODLs include:

  • Splitting – Custom vs Auto
  • Associating RFID Tags
  • Printing Labels
  • Adding to existing Shipping Unit, or creating a new Shipping Unit

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