Jovix for Fabricators

Reduce indirect labor hours by removing manual, error-prone, paper-based material control processes.

Fabricator Challenges:

  • Labor intensive, manual, paper-based processes used to manage materials
  • Lack of quality information regarding material furnished by others
  • Ability to locate materials quickly reduced as size and complexity of projects increases
  • “Paper to Computer” record keeping processes drives decisions based on erroneous or outdated information
  • Control of material is compromised as it flows between multiple physical locations and changes care, custody and control between parties
  • Major blind spots in current systems results in lack of visibility of what is coming, what is onsite, and what is ready for construction
  • High material availability issues lead to reprocurement, re-work and contractor claims
fabricator RFID
The Value of Digital & Automation

Manual, error-prone, paper-based processes drive up in-direct labor costs.  Replacing paper with a digital process reduces data entry and empowers workers in the field to make more informed decisions in real-time.

Jovix saves 1-5% of in-direct labor costs by digitizing paper processes and when possible automating them completely.

Potential Savings on a $300M Project


of TIV

of TIV


Total Installed Cost 100% $300M .03% – .09% $90k – $270k
Engineering 15% $M
Material & PPE 40% $120M .05% – .15% $60k – $180k
Construction Indirect Labor 15% $45M 3% – 5% $1.35M – $2.2M
Construction Direct Labor & Subs 25% $75M 1% – 3% $750k – $2.25M
Other Construction Indirect Costs 5% $M
TOTAL $2.25M – $4.9M

Fabricator Success Story

This client success story was an expansion into an existing facility in the Athabasca Oil Sands. A single EPC Firm ran the construction site with multiple fabrication subcontractors to build out the expansion of bitumen processing plant.

Objectives of the Project
  • Decrease material location times
  • Reduce reprocurement costs
  • Provide visibility between fabricators and jobsite
The Results
  • Reduced laydown crew from 12 crew members, 3 supervisors supervisors and 3 forklifts to 3 crew members, 1/2 time supervisor and 1 forklift
  • Completed construction 6 months ahead of schedule due to better planning
  • Reported ZERO lost spools in 2 years, reducing reprocurement costs
  • Tracked materials over 3,000 miles from site to site for better visibility
  • Located materials 4x faster in harsh weather conditions

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