As a turn-key solution provider, Atlas provides the software, hardware and professional services required for a successful implementation. At its core however, Atlas is a hardware-agnostic software company. Jovix Engineers identify the best-in-breed hardware options available and then certify those devices for use in rugged environments. Details on the Jovix certification process can be found here.

In addition to researching, testing, and certifying the best off-the-shelf options, Atlas also works with hardware providers to improve their offerings for this market.

Jovix Certification

System Components

The following is a list of all of the possible hardware components your project might use to collect data. Depending on your unique needs, the Jovix solutions team will use a combination of hardware and software to address challenges on your jobsite.


Jovix Rugged Mobile ReaderRugged Mobile Devices

Mobile computers built to withstand harsh construction environments use RFID, Barcodes and GPS to extend the material readiness process into the field, where access to information enables informed, real-time decision making at the point of transaction.



Jovix Gate ReaderGate Readers

RFID readers located throughout the supply chain automate data collection through shipping, receiving and intra-site transfers.




Jovix Vehicle Mounted ReaderVehicle-Mounted Readers

As vehicles drive through the jobsite, mounted RFID readers automate the process of updating storage locations for materials throughout the construction site.




Jovix RFID TagsUnique ID Tags

Unique tags in the form of Barcodes and RFID enable automated identification and tracking of materials throughout the entire EPC material lifecycle.




Hardware Advancements

As a full-service solutions company, we continually search for new and better ways to solve material readiness challenges in industrial construction. Atlas is not only committed to identifying the best hardware options available today, but also to driving the industry to innovate and improve the options available tomorrow. Although we are not a hardware manufacturer, we act as a trusted third party advisor and subject matter expert for the types of hardware required to address our clients’ needs.

Atlas Team Members have participated in many hardware development and review sessions with our hardware partners to provide recommendations and insight based on our experience in the industry. Below is a brief list of some of the advancements we have accomplished by working together.

Rugged Active RFID Tags

  • More accurate locations to find materials quicker
  • Longer battery life to increase cost savings
  • More rugged design to reduce loss due to damage
  • Longer read range to locate more items in a shorter amount of time

Mobile RFID Tag Readers

  • New transflexive display that is readable in direct sunlight
  • Custom hatch cover for a larger antenna to increase read range and improve findability
  • Custom heated case to accommodate extreme weather conditions

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