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Jovix CertifiedAfter working with our clients to deploy auto identification (Auto-ID) solutions for material readiness in extreme conditions all across the globe, we identified a need for uncommonly rugged hardware. Some jobsites are in areas with temperatures as low as -40°F and as high as 120°F. Other sites are located on coasts and are exposed to saltwater, fog and extreme sunlight. We recognized the need to provide better options to meet the requirements of our clients. Atlas strives to be the world’s foremost authority on the use of Auto-ID for industrial construction. As such, we’ve established rigorous testing criteria for all hardware used on our projects. The results of those tests are shared with our clients to aid in their buying decision. Before any piece of hardware is deployed with Jovix, it goes through a rigorous certification process that ensures that it will be able to perform in the field. Certification testing can include:

  • Thermal Cycling
  • Radio Frequency Pattern Distribution Analysis
  • Water and Dust Ingress (IP Rating)
  • Crush Testing
  • Shock Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Ultra Violet exposure

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