Jovix for Owners and Operators

Improve visibility throughout the global supply chain with material readiness across projects, EPCs, contractors, fabricators, and suppliers.

Owner Challenges:

  • Lack of visibility across multiple EPCs, contractors, fabricators, and suppliers
  • Difficult to control costs and reduce wasteful spending without real-time access to information across all stakeholders
  • Lack of predictability into the EPCM or Contractor’s ability to stay on schedule due to lack of visibility
  • High contractor claims due to material accountability issues
  • Skilled labor shortages are leading to more cost-reimbursable projects that put the risk on the Owner
  • Control of material is compromised as it flows between multiple physical locations and changes care, custody and control from suppliers, contractors, fab shops, mod yards and construction
  • Decisions often based on erroneous or outdated information
The Value of Visibility

Industrial construction projects are more complex and involve the integration of more stakeholders than ever before. As the geographic and contractual landscapes of projects become more complex, visibility throughout the supply chain becomes mission critical to making any modern construction project a success.

Information exchange between all parties involved is also critical. Data inconsistencies between the systems of multiple parties can have negative repercussions on the productivity and schedule of a project. Project teams can be more confident in the information about the location and status of critical construction materials when they know the information is reliable, easily accessible and is based on real-time data that is digitally captured in the field.

Potential Savings on a $1Billion Project


of TIV

of TIV


Total Installed Cost 100% $1Billion .03% – .09% $300k – $900k
Engineering 15% $150M
Material & PPE 40% $400M .05% – .15% $200k – $600k
Construction Indirect Labor 15% $150M 3% – 5% $5M – $7.5M
Construction Direct Labor & Subs 25% $250M 1% – 3% $2.5M – $7.5M
Other Construction Indirect Costs 5% $50M
TOTAL $7.5M – $16.5M


Owner/Operator Success Story

As an owner with multiple EPCMs, each with several contractors, an Owner/Operator in the Canadian Oil Sands required a tool to provide a consolidated view of material status and availability across all stakeholders and physical locations.

Manage by ExceptionResults Realized

Atlas partnered with the Owner/Operator to address specific reporting needs by creating a set of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard widgets that provide project-wide visibility.

KPI Dashboard Enhancements
  • Heavy Haul Shipments
  • Current Work Package Status
  • Forecasted Work Package Status
  • Receiving Cycle Times
  • Issuing Cycle Times
  • Material Skyline
  • Preventative Maintenance Compliance

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