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The greatest hurdle to deploying any technology is change management. No technology can add value if it is not adopted by end users.  Based on experience deploying Jovix on more than 200 sites across the globe, the Jovix team has developed an industry leading three-phase deployment methodology that is centered around change management. Pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment activities are designed to ensure that the project is initially setup for success and continuously improves over time. The cornerstone of the Jovix deployment methodology is the Jovix Opportunity Assessment (JOA). The JOA is a defined workshop process that enables the client and the Jovix team to align on project specific goals, scope, schedule, budget, metrics, and business case. The JOA is the ideal process for clients who are looking to deploy an auto-ID solution for the first time.  It allows the project stakeholders to efficiently collect all of the information necessary to make an informed decision on how best to deploy the technology for their specific project. The Jovix professional services team has more experience deploying mobile and auto-ID enabled material readiness solutions than any other company in the world. To find out more about how to leverage our experience through the Jovix Opportunity Assessment, click here.

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With today’s landscape, there is an opportunity – and a need – to leverage auto identification technology and mobile solutions to increase efficiency, ensure data accuracy and optimize the material readiness process. Using a complete solution augmented with these types of technologies gives key stakeholders a collaborative view of material data across the entire lifecycle and supports more informed decisions.

Implementing any new type of technology will not make your organization better on its own. It takes a combination of people, processes and technology to get the maximum value for your investment. The Jovix team will work with your key stakeholders to determine the best path forward, including a comprehensive change management plan and a detailed deployment and adoption plan.


The Jovix Professional Services team can help with:

Scope Development and Planning

High-Level Material Workflow and Data Management

Material Procurement Practices

Site-Specific Material Readiness Procedures

Hardware & Software Configuration and Setup

Jovix System Training and Deployment

Stabilization and Continuous Improvement

Enterprise Best Practices Consulting

Material Readiness Gap Analysis

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Award-Winning Implementations

Based on our experience implementing the Jovix material readiness solution on over 200 geographical sites across the globe, we have developed an award-winning implementation strategy.

CETI Fiatech AwardCETI Award – Fiatech

Intelligent and Automated Construction Jobsite

Honors a company conducting new and emerging technology implementation


RFID-Journal-75pxRFID Journal Award

Best Implementation

Awarded to the end-user company that demonstrates best use of RFID technology to improve its manufacturing, supply chain or retail operations