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 Award-Winning Software

Jovix is an award-winning material readiness application developed specifically for the capital asset market. Jovix combines web-based server software with mobile and auto-ID technologies to extend access to information to decision makers in the field, as well as digitize and automate manual, paper-based data collection. Jovix provides value for Owner/Operators, EPC Firms, Contractors, Fabricators and Suppliers by removing impediments to productivity that result from material readiness issues.

 Purpose Built for the Capital Asset Market

Jovix is not a tool that was designed for the manufacturing or retail industries that is being applied to the capital asset market. Jovix was born in the capital asset industry and remains laser-focused on only that market today. Unlike generic ERP tools that are designed to work across industries, Jovix was intentionally designed to support the industry specific processes of capital asset construction and operation.

Unlike legacy industry specific tools, Jovix was developed under the modern paradigm of global project ecosystems. With advancements in fabrication and modularization, true material readiness is being able to identify problems upstream before they become a problem for construction. Having access to material control information at any of the value-added suppliers within your project delivery landscape allows you to determine what action should be taken (and when) to ensure construction will have the right material at the right time and in the right condition.  As a modern tool, Jovix was built from the ground up to support this approach to project execution.

 Intuitive User Experience

Jovix is built on modern technology enabling the rich graphical interface that users expect from their experiences with consumer applications. Unlike legacy solutions that require significant training investment to learn, Jovix offers a consistent, intuitive user interface that leverages common modern UI techniques such as hyperlinking, relationship mapping, and consolidated action menus.

The Jovix team considers its industry leading user interface to be a key differentiator and, as a result, invests heavily in order to maintain the competitive advantage it provides.  As an example of this investment, Jovix deploys dedicated UX engineers to jobsites with each new release to shadow and collect in-person feedback from end users.



Progress Trackers

Geo Mapping




Mobile Transactions

Personalized dashboards provide users with immediate access to critical information


Graphical progressing enables management by exception


Geocoding combined with modern visualization tools unlocks critical information from flat data


Configuration provides the flexibility to support process differences across projects, clients, and industries

 jovix configurability

Integrated photo capture facilitates adding rich image data throughout the material lifecycle

 Jovix OS&D

Integrating key documents with material control provides immediate access to critical information

 Jovix Progress Tracker

Empowering workers in the field with digital data collection reduces errors and removes the lag in information availability


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