Jovix LNG Success Story
11 June 2018

Jovix Success Story: Brandon

Here’s Brandon’s success story at an LNG project. Discover how they used Jovix to solve the problem of locating and tracking materials.

What was the problem you were trying to solve?

Locating and tracking spools in the laydown yard or issued to site. There were plenty of weeks where we had absolutely no idea where certain spools were.

How did Jovix ease or resolve this problem?

Jovix helped us regain control of the laydown yards. Once the materials are tagged, we’re able to track movements, make shipments, and compare databases to locate any spool. It made us more efficient.

How were you able to measure or quantify the improvement?

By using the Shipment feature in Jovix, we’re able to track any spool that we ship to the unit.

What were some of the lessons learned along the way?

Don’t be afraid of a program because you or your team doesn’t understand it. When we introduced Jovix, it was hard to get people to commit. But once we could show them the benefits, they were interested to learn about the technology.

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