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Top 5 Challenges when Implementing New Technologies on Construction Sites

Roughly 40% of the cost of a capital project is on the construction execution side, yet a majority of our IT budgets are focused on the design and project controls tools. With stagnant or even declining productivity gains as an industry, which has continued even with increased technology spend in these areas, what is preventing the construction industry from investing and adopting technology in the field?

This webinar will take a deep look at the top 5 challenges when implementing new technology on construction sites—exploring this issue from all directions, including stakeholder involvement, the labor force, industry culture, and the effective and ineffective ways in which a project shares data. Presented by Paul Mitchell, Director of Construction Solutions at Atlas RFID Solutions, attendees will leave with an understanding of what is preventing the construction industry from investing and adopting technology in the field, not just the home office—and what can be done to overcome those obstacles.

About Paul Mitchell

Paul MitchellPaul is a project management professional with 24 years of experience in the EPC and supply chain industry. At Atlas RFID Solutions, Paul is responsible for the success of strategic opportunities that generate substantial inflection points in the Jovix value, specifically from pre-sales through post-award adoption phases of an engagement. He received his BS in Business Administration with a concentration in real estate and construction management from the University of Denver.

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