Fiatech Jovix Atlas RFID Webinar
12 December 2017

Material Readiness: The Bridge Between Management & Construction

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15% of the average 10-hour work day is lost to wait times, with the largest portion spent waiting on materials! What if material wait times could be reduced to zero? Having the right material to the right person at the right time is essential, especially when most of today’s projects are over budget and over schedule. Material Readiness™ is a vital component of improved labor productivity for industrial construction projects.

In this webinar, discover how material wait times can be driven down to ZERO with construction technology that focuses on material readiness through real-time, collaborative software and mobile hardware. This webinar will discuss the benefits gained from Owners, EPC firms, and Suppliers when they adopt technologies that eliminate inefficiencies and thereby increase labor productivity on-site.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • The difference in Material Readiness and Materials Management
  • What research is saying about the digital future of the construction industry
  • Learn how companies, like Atlas RFID Solutions, are changing the status quo for field materials management.
  • Explore how material management tools can revolutionize your procurement process.
  • Introduction of Jovix Business Analytics – turn data into key performance indicators

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