Jovix Drone Mounted Reader
26 February 2018

More Drone-Mounted Reader News!

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we are proud to announce our patent-pending Active RFID Drone-Mounted Reader. Listen to some of the team behind the patent and the pilot with Bechtel in our release webinar on the Jovix Train Station (Haven’t yet joined the Train Station? Use the branch code WEBINAR to access the recording.)

Bechtel Jovix Drone Mounted Reader

We had some great live questions and answers that we wanted to share!
Q: What is the max height for the Drone-Mounted Reader to still be able to read the tags?

A: The DMR reads tags all the way up to 40 meters altitude but is optimized at a lower altitude to ensure the most accurate material locations.

Q: Did the Drone-Mounted Reader times shown in the webinar include drone launch prep and landing time?

A: The drone times discussed did not include drone setup time. The time was started at takeoff and stopped at landing.

Q: Please comment on the physical challenges with the machine (flying safety, charging, weather, payload, etc.).

A: We did face the normal challenges that drones do as far as weather is concerned, with regard to wind velocity and rain. We closely coordinated with site safety personnel to make sure everyone was aware of the testing taking place. Our payload is light enough to not affect the drone flight characteristics.

Q: Is the expectation that Atlas will provide the licensed part 107 pilots or extend the drone to their customers to use directly?

A: While Atlas has licensed drone pilots, we do not provide part 107 pilots to the sites. We will however provide the drone payload and guidance on flight patterns and procedures.

Q: Was there any material that was stored on racks during the test flight? I’m curious if the Drone-Mounted Reader was able to pick up on tags stacked via racking?

A: There were no materials stored in racks during the test flight. However, there were materials stored in the rack on the workface, and the DMR was able to read those materials effectively.

Q: Would the customer need to procure their own compatible drone?

A: Yes. The asset from Atlas will be the payload only, but we are able to assist with the specifications for the drone.

Q: Will your tags mount to metal assets such as steel pipes and coils of copper cable?

A: Yes, we currently can tag all metal assets including pipe spools, structural steel, pipe racks, cable spools (usually the wooden spools are tagged on the side).

Q: How long do batteries last in your active RFID tags? Are the batteries field replaceable?

A: The battery life of our active RFID tags is +/- 5 years (depending on ping rate). The batteries are not replaceable.



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