Real Tales from the Field
06 March 2017

Real Tales from the Field: The New Reality of Field Material Control

Every company dreams of snagging their “subject matter expert”. The person who has “done it all before” and can do the job with one arm tied behind their back. But relying heavily on an expert can result in big issues. This is where Jovix comes into play.

At six months into the building of a combined cycle power plant, our expert decided he was ready to retire. This could have been catastrophic for the job. With over 30,000 line items already on site, three separate laydown yards, and another 30,000 line items expected over the next year, any method of tracking would be challenged by departure of a key person. How do we replace this person? Where do we find someone else with 20 years of experience? Well, we didn’t have to. With Jovix in place, it took only a few weeks of training to have the replacement ready. The replacement was not another experienced material manager, but was a new student fresh out of college with zero construction experience.

Starting at day one, receiving continued without issue. Withdrawal requests were still being filled, and everything continued without a hitch. Welders buzzed away, and everything continued as planned—all of this despite the loss of a key figure. Jovix’s ease of use and in-depth tracking allowed a person entirely new to the industry to fill an important role and continue work.

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