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10 March 2017

Real Tales from the Field: Not Your Grandpa’s Material Control System

Kayla JSC

Kayla, Jovix System Coordinator

We asked some of our Jovix System Coordinators (JSCs) who are in the field every day to share a favorite tale from the field. Kayla, a JSC in Canada, shared this story about her grandfather.

“My grandfather worked in materials management for the mines in my hometown in the early 90s, and he loves to fill my ears with stories he knows I will enjoy hearing as much as he enjoys telling. He has recently taken to telling me stories of the first computer he and his team used for simple inventory tracking. He told me that his coworkers were unhappy about this turn of events, including him too at the beginning. He finds it utterly hilarious when I tell him there are people still resistant to using technology in the work place.

He told me that he knew his thoughts about the computer didn’t really matter, and that he would have to buckle down and embrace it. He learned how to do simple things, and it took him a long time to get anything done. Before he knew it, without really noticing, his job got easier, and it took no time at all to do his job. He loved it. When I tell him what Jovix is capable of, he is proud of what today’s materials management looks like. I tell him one of my favourite parts of my job is the ‘aha’ moment when someone ‘gets it’. This change is a good change.

This shows no matter how much changes, there have to be people to take the first step to make progress. I think this shows the ‘aha’ can sometimes make a difference to more than one person. This makes me think of all of Atlas’ clients who have taken their step into field technology, and all the great things that come from that step.”

Thanks, Kayla! Implementing new technology in construction is not always easy, but when you introduce a product that really makes people’s jobs easier, you can turn skeptics into your best champions.

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