Samsung Galaxy J7 with Jovix
07 May 2018

Samsung Galaxy J7: Ultra Low-Cost Phone Approved for Jovix

Jovix Tested and ApprovedThe Samsung Galaxy J7 – a very inexpensive smartphone – has been added to the list of “Tested & Approved” devices for the Jovix® mobile application, powered by Atlas RFID Solutions. The Jovix mobile app was built for both iOS and Android™ OS, and Atlas RFID Solutions has put effort into testing low-cost device compatibility. The Jovix mobile app enables field mobility users to recieve, find, pick, and issue materials to construction crews with a plethora of user-friendly features for field materials management.

How does this impact the bottom line?

Sites are now able to purchase low-cost devices for use in the field which allows a larger number of users in the system, thereby increasing the value and ROI of the Jovix Material Readiness™ system.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy J7 here.



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