Success Stories

The Success Stories of Jovix Are Written By Our Clients.

Jovix is an award-winning material readiness solution designed to support construction projects. The solution is a proprietary software system that automates the materials workflow processes and provides actionable, real-time information about the location and status of all materials needed for construction, thereby ensuring visibility and traceability of materials in transport and on site. Atlas has various clients including owners, EPCs, OEMs, Contractors, Suppliers, Fabricators and Module Assembly Facilities who have deployed Jovix on projects spanning more than 200 geographically dispersed sites including fabrication shops, module assembly yards, ports, marshalling yards and third party warehouses.

Jovix VS. The Status Quo

A side-by-side comparison of EPC legacy materials management system and Jovix for field transactions. ACCESS NOW BY COMPLETING THE FORM ON THIS PAGE.




Jovix and the Power Market

Detailing the Jovix Material Readiness Solution implementation and deployment at a combined cycle power plant. ACCESS NOW BY COMPLETING THE FORM ON THIS PAGE.




ROI Analysis & Case Study: Offshore EPC Services & Jovix

This ROI Analysis and case study will provide cost savings made possible through improved efficiency, accuracy, and reduced direct and indirect labor hours. This case study will also explore the successes expected with the recently adopted Inspections and Preventative Maintenance functionality on this deployment, as the client implements Jovix beyond a location-centric solution. ACCESS NOW BY COMPLETING THE FORM ON THIS PAGE.

Barcode-Image-for-Case-StudyOwner-Implemented Third Party Barcoding

RFID isn’t always the answer. This project has complete material visibility through nearly exclusive use of barcodes on steel. The owner is using Jovix for their material readiness solution to support multiple EPC companies and a complex supply chain that includes multiple fabricators, marshalling yards, laydown yards, and material warehouses. Using Jovix project-wide ensures complete visibility throughout the entire material lifecycle, from fabrication to installation, no matter the EPC firm or subcontractor. Jovix provides the owner with robust functionality in reporting, trending, and predictive analytics. It is easily configurable for the owner to achieve total material visibility across the lifecycle. ACCESS NOW BY COMPLETING THE FORM ON THIS PAGE.

construction material visibilityThe Importance of Material Visibility for Owners/Operators 

A refinery project in the Canadian Oil Sands is comprised of multiple EPC firms and includes an initiative to provide project-wide material visibility across multiple units and multiple contractors. The project owner selected the Jovix solution to support that initiative, which provides unprecedented visibility across all EPC firms on the project and their respective units. The primary objective of this enhanced visibility was to provide the Owner/Operator with additional cost and schedule certainty. In addition to serving as the project visibility tool, the owner also funded the transactional use of Jovix and RFID tags for contractors in order to drive transactional efficiencies through digitization and automation. ACCESS NOW BY COMPLETING THE FORM ON THIS PAGE.

Jovix EPC firm reduces labor costs 5 percentEPC Firm Reduces Direct and Indirect Labor Costs by 5% Using Auto-ID and Mobile Technology Three LNG projects required multiple mainland material storage facilities, a complex, international material flow process, and a time-sensitive cross harbor logistics process. An EPC firm incorporated the use of auto-ID and mobile technology to increase efficiencies in their material readiness processes. This document will present some preliminary findings and potential savings over the life of the project. ACCESS NOW BY COMPLETING THE FORM ON THIS PAGE.

Jovix Project Saves $11 million in 24 monthsConstruction Project Saves $11 Million in 24 Months Using RFID-Enabled Material Readiness The Canadian Oil Sands are home to some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, in addition to some of the biggest construction companies – which produces a highly competitive atmosphere. One of the ways these companies are differentiating themselves is by deploying software, mobile devices and RFID technology to address common construction challenges. ACCESS NOW BY COMPLETING THE FORM ON THIS PAGE.

Jovix Zero Lost Spools

Jovix 3000 Miles of Material Tracking

Jovix Reduced 1 Man Hour Per MWR

Jovix Crew Hours Reduced by 77 percent

Jovix 35 percent ahead of projected ROI

Jovix Real Time Status Updates

Jovix complex supply chain tracking

Jovix tracks 70000 pieces of material

We are proud to work with a diverse group of businesses from around the world.

What Our Clients Are Saying

What Do You Think About the Jovix Solution?

I really like it. I’d rather get rid of [other systems] and use Jovix for everything. Jovix was pretty easy to learn.

Inventory Control

At first the workers were very hesitant about using the Jovix system in the field. But now, it is clear that they are highly dependent on the system. When something prohibits them from using the Jovix system (for example, the battery dying) they are quick to scream until the issues are resolved and the Jovix handhelds are put back into action.

Materials Manager

Overall? It’s good. It locates our materials within meters. Pretty amazing.

Warehouse Crew Member

We are extremely pleased with the Atlas Jovix system.  We didn’t start the project using RFID, so we have not implemented as much as we would have liked – especially after seeing how well it works.

Project Manager

It seems every day Jovix is able to provide additional benefits not originally realized.

Materials Systems Specialist

Do You Enjoy Working with the Jovix Team?

The more I work with you guys, the more I am impressed with your ability to deliver industry-best project assessments, quotations, plans, and deployments in a heroic time period and with a high level of quality that is reflective in everything you do. -Materials Manager

What Do You Find Most Valuable About Jovix?

Knowing who signed for items, when they were received, when they were moved, and where they are currently located. The traceability is huge.

Warehouse Crew Member

Being able to find materials. Also the accuracy. I could find materials under two feet of snow.

Warehouse Manager

That map on the server is the biggest ‘wow’ factor you guys have right now. The older guys & the younger guys all love it. That shows the power of Jovix.

Materials Management

Being able to configure the layout is great.

Materials Management

I love that you can take pictures. Especially for OS&D’s, but also because it can show us exactly what we’re looking for. We don’t know what all these materials should look like, and it makes us look dumb. So if we have pictures, we can do our jobs better.

Materials System Specialist

It is good to know we can rely on the GPS and tracking for correct location of spools when the paper trail fails.

Inventory Specialist


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