Jovix Train Station News
15 January 2018

The Latest News on Jovix Train Station

The Jovix Train Station came into existence in 2016 as an online learning platform for Jovix users. Since then, the platform has grown to house hundreds of hours of training and dozens of customized learning plans. The Train Station takes on a watch-see-do mentality for most trainings which includes:

  • Video tutorial of a specific feature or workflow
  • Guided demo within Jovix interface
  • User test within Jovix interface to confirm understanding
Learn Your Way.

Customized learning plans are set up at the onset of new projects to pinpoint the functionality and modules specific to a project’s implementation and user-specific duties.

Since its rollout, the Train Station has been met with great interest. The always available eLearning platform allows users to become familiar with Jovix prior to implementation and train on their own schedule. It also affords them an easy resource should they have questions during deployment or if personnel changes.

More recently, Atlas has added additional training opportunities within the Train Station on the latest product releases including advancements in the Jovix Mobile App. As with any evolving product, we don’t expect our product or trainings to be stagnant so continual learning of optimizations is essential.

Look What’s Pulling Into the Train Station!

With such great momentum in the Jovix Train Station, Atlas is working on yet another improvement within the system. Coming soon will be the ability to earn points with each completed training and module. Points are then converted to Coins and can be redeemed for items in the Rewards Store. With 80% of learners claiming learning would be more productive if it were more game-oriented, we hope this feature will encourage and reward continuous learning.

Look for this feature to hit the Train Station soon and feel free to send any feedback to Log in or register for the Train Station here.

Happy Training!

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