RFID Transfer Units
02 August 2017

Transfer Units

Have you ever noticed the same guy, in the same vehicle, wandering around site every day, stopping for 30 seconds in several random locations, and then moving on again? This is an activity all too familiar in the materials and logistics world. It’s called Transfer Units. Traditionally, this person is capturing the trailer number, its location, and what material the trailer contains. While it may seem nuanced, staying on top of trailer logistics is an important task. It ensures materials do not get misplaced, it can help push the issuance of materials, and it ensures a project keeps its logistics budget as low as possible by getting trailers emptied and not having to rent more.

The cost of trailer rentals can be a few thousand dollars per month, per trailer. On a project that has hundreds of trailers and a work scope in the billions, the cost of renting trailers can increase exponentially.

Jovix Transfer Unit

A trailer with an RFID tag eliminates manual trailer-tracking processes, and you’ll always be aware of its location.

A project that has implemented Jovix® can leverage existing technologies in their possession to eliminate the manual trailer tracking process and help save a few dollars along the way. To track the location of trailers, attach an RFID tag to each trailer, and load all the trailer numbers in Jovix as materials. The daily Vehicle Mounted Reader (VMR) sweeps being executed for project materials will update the location of the trailers the same way. If your project would like to track the items on the trailer as well as its location, the trailers can be loaded into Jovix as Transfer Units. Transfer Unit functionality allows you to group materials together in the same bucket (or trailer in this case) and move them around the site as a single unit; i.e., wherever the trailer goes, the material on it goes. If both pieces of functionality are leveraged, you will be able to print a list of where the trailers are located and what, if any, materials are on them. All of this can be achieved from the comfort of your desk. That sounds better than wandering aimlessly around site with a pen and paper to us!

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