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Founded in 2008, atlasRFIDstore is a trusted distributor in the RFID, Barcode, and IoT industry. The business is built around one core tenet: providing a superior customer experience both before and after a purchase. The atlasRFIDstore team works with clients to select the appropriate hardware for each client's unique systems and environments and takes pride in helping both small businesses and huge, multi-national organizations alike. Those efforts go toward making sure client projects are as successful as possible.

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Jovix® is an award-winning Material Readiness® application designed specifically for industrial construction. By digitizing and automating the manual, paper-based data collection of construction’s past, Jovix provides real-time visibility to all stakeholders throughout your supply chain. Employing a combination of web-based server software, mobile devices, and smart RFID tags and barcode labels, Jovix removes impediments to productivity and ensures workers have the materials they need to spend more time on tools.

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Atlas RFID Solutions designs, develops, deploys, and supports customized solutions for clients throughout the world. Atlas RFID Solutions utilizes the best RFID, barcode, and other IoT technologies and develops custom software to create an integrated solution for clients based upon their individual needs. Atlas RFID Solutions serves clients as business consultants, hardware engineers, and software developers, and works with them to build a unique solution to resolve their business challenges.

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